The Animatronics are the antagonists of The Night Shift: Iggy's Funhouse. They stalk around Iggy's Funhouse and attempt to get in the player's office to "dispose of them".


Iggy 2.0Edit

Iggy 2.0 is the main antagonist of the game. He is a yellow colored dog animatronic that wears a red bowtie.

Iggy 1.0Edit

Iggy 1.0 is an older model version of Iggy 2.0. He has a brown wood-like texture, and yellow eyes as opposed to Iggy 2.0's blue eyes.

Shadow IggyEdit

Shadow Iggy has the same model as an Iggy animatronic, despite a completely blackened model with his animatronic parts, eyes, teeth, and other features whitened. He was in older versions of the game, but is not present in the newer versions.


Rigby is an animatronic cat from Rigby's Arcade. At the moment he can disable the player's Jammer. Not much is currently known about him.


Tambles is an animatronic monkey that holds cymbals. Not much is currently known about him.


Stingy is an animatronic walrus that starts on Floor 2 in CAM 13. Not much is currently known about him.


Krug is similar to Iggy 1.0, but with dark red eyes and stained claws. Not much is known about him, apart from the fact that he can enter the Central Air Vent.


The Endoskeleton is a bare endoskeleton that wanders around Iggy's Funhouse. Not much is currently known about it, besides that it stands at the left side of The Office.