Iggy 1.0
Iggy 1.0
Species: Dog
Gender: Male
Type: Animatronic
Starting Location: Parts Room
First appearance: Unknown, Possibly Shift 2
Iggy 1.0 is one of the antagonists in The Night Shift: Iggy's Funhouse. He is a animatronic dog who wanders around at night in Iggy's Funhouse, along with the other animatronics, until 6 AM. Iggy 1.0 is an older model of Iggy 2.0. He is seen in a hallucination.


Iggy 1.0 seems to take the appearance of Iggy 2.0 but a darker color. His body has a wood like texture. He has droopy eyelids, which could be the result of aging. He also looks dirty. He also has yellow eyes. He later got remade, which includes holes in his body.


His behavior may be seen as more aggressive than Iggy 2.0.


Iggy 1.0 will start the night in the Parts Room and will wander to Family Dining Area. He is found on Floor 1. Sometimes, when Iggy 1.0 enters the Family Dining Area, the room can be red.


  • He could appear on Shift 3, but this is just a speculation.
  • How to kill him even though you can't kill him in the game this what would happen if there was gun shots:guns can be very affective shoot him in the eyes first to blind him then shoot him everywhere toxic waste:toxic waste is also very affective splash a bucket of it on him then he will melt

Sound FilesEdit

Iggy 1.0 laughing 1:


Iggy 1.0 "I'm not gone."


Iggy 1.0 "Get rid of him."


Iggy 1.0 "It'll be over soon.."