Iggy 2.0
Species: Dog
Gender: Male
Type: Animatronic
Starting Location: Stingy's Ice Berg
First appearance: Night 1

Iggy 2.0 is the main antagonist in The Night Shift: Iggy's Funhouse. He is a animatronic dog who wanders around at night in Iggy's Funhouse, along with the other animatronics, until 6 AM.


Iggy 2.0 is an animatronic dog that wears a red bow tie. He is shiny and clean unlike Iggy 1.0. Iggy 2.0 appears to have holes in his eyes and in the back of his head. This is very easy to see when he is in the Storage Closet.


Iggy 2.0 starts the night on the Main Stage he will wander to Family Dining Area, Kiddie Corner, Staircase, Parts Room, Office Hallway, Storage Closet and The Office.


  • According to a picture in Code: Iggy, Iggy 2.0 actually plays music to children.