Appearance Edit

Species: Dog
Gender: Male
Type: Animatronic
Starting Location: Ceiling Vent
First appearance: Unknown

Krug seems to take the appearance of Iggy 1.0 but has a bow-tie and black eyes with red irises. And very sharp claws with blood on them.

Facts & Theories Edit

  • Krug is speculated to be in TNS:OO, but it is not confirmed.
  • He is also speculated to be a replacement character to use the ceiling vent until Tambles' model is finished.
  • Krug has sharp knives sticking out of his hand with blood on them.
  • Krug is the only one to have no eyes (as in he has no eye texture.)
  • Krug has sharp teeth, rather than the original "buck" teeth.
  • The name Krug is like the Mixels name Krog from series 5
  • He might start on Floor 2 we are not sure yet.
  • The name Krug comes from the name Freddy Krueger.

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