Locations Are Cams That Be Use By The Monitor In The Night Shift: Iggy's Funhouse Within Iggy's Funhouse On This Cam Can Be Seen Checking Around The Building Excluding The Monitor Can Be Used By The Main Stage To The Office The Time Is Going To Be 0 AM To 8 AM Even The Sanity Meter Is Located At The Parts Room For The Image Of The Cameras Even Tambles And Rigby Cannot Seen Any Cams.

Stingy's Starting Location Is Stingy's Ice Berg On Floor 2 Has Seen In Gamejolt Series. Rigby's Starting Location Is Rigby's Arcade On Floor 1

The Security Guard Must Use This The Monitor As Seen In This Video Excluding The Game Over Screen Has Seen Iggy 2.0 Peeking Out Of The Wall You Must Survive The Night Shift 1 And Shift 2 And Shift 3 You Must Use The Monitor To This One