The Phone Guy is the person who will guide the player through use of the Phone Calls throughout the nights. He helps the player by telling them about the behaviors of the animatronics and the story of Iggy's Funhouse.

Phone Guy
Gender: Male
Type: Human
First appearance: Shift 1


Phone Guy does not take much interest in his job, which is easily recognizable by the lack of amusement in his voice and also how he reads the instructions of the place the manager has given him. He does, however, inform the player quite straight forward on how the animatronics can move about and attack the night guards. He might die on shift 3, 4, 5 or 6

Phone CallsEdit

Shift 1 phone call:

Night 1 phone call (not confirmed)

Shift 2 phone call:

Night 2 Call (Edited)

Phone Call (Full Game)Edit

Shift 1 Phone Call:

Night 1 call (old)