Shadow "Limp" Iggy
Species: Dog
Gender: Male
Type: Counterpart
Starting Location: Unknown
First appearance: Unknown
Shadow Iggy is one of the Easter Eggs in The Night Shift: Iggy's Funhouse. Shadow Iggy appeared in an older update, but he is no longer present in the new updates (as of now). It is speculated that Shadow Iggy may be a hallucination. He has made an appearance in the third mini game in Code: Iggy Version 3.0. In the mini game, the player can see that Shadow Iggy puts Iggy 1.0 back together. In the second mini game, Iggy 1.0 was dismantled by Iggy 2.0.

Appearance Edit

Shadow Iggy's mouth, eyes, eyebrows, and endoskeleton joints appear to be white, while the rest of him is colored black.


Parts room - shadow iggy

Shadow Iggy in the parts room, seen in The Night Shift: Only One.