Lol 3
The Office
, also known as the Security Guard's Office, is a location on Floor 1 in Iggy's Funhouse and the central location in The Night Shift: Iggy's Funhouse.

It is where the player starts and the only place where the player may defend themselves from the Animatronics by activating The Jammer. Iggy 2.0 can be seen in the hall in The Office. Also he can appear inside The Office.

Appearance Edit

The Office is a big, blue room with a desk with a poster of Iggy 2.0 that reads "Party Time" on it, a hallway in front, some screens, cables, a ceiling vent, and an air vent entrance. There are kid drawings of the animatronics on the wall. The kid drawings features images of a clown and Tambles.

Trivia Edit

  • In the game called Code: Iggy there is an image with Iggy 2.0's head on the desk. It also seems that there is blood coming out of Iggy 2.0's head.